Crochet beanie hats are warm, soft and fun to wear.  Often a crocheted beanie cap looks somewhat dressier than a regular knit beanie because of the open stiches.  It’s the crochet stitching of these beanies that gives them a distinctive flair.

There are many wonderful colors of crocheted beanies available in both solids and multi-colors.  Patterns are created in the hats with the use of various different stitches mixed within the hat.  This type of crocheting produces unique characteristics to the stitched creations with open gaps left by joining certain types of stitches together.

The open weave gaps create elegant patterns similar to designs of lace.  However, style is only one reason for the strategically placed openings.  The holes allow the head to breathe while at the same time the crochet beanie provides warmth.

The delicate patterns of finished crochet beanie hats are quite feminine in appearance.  For this reason, they are predominantly worn by women and girls particularly on occasions when a slightly dressier hat is suggested rather than a plain ole knit cap.

Yet don’t let the beauty of these hats fool you, they are quite warm and another advantage to them is they hug your head and they will remain on even if the wind picks up.  So, if you want a stylish hat that is warm and pretty too, check out the wide variety of crochet beanie hats.

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